Me with my Pentax MX

Benjamin Wallen

I am a Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts Graduate who works full time during the day at UCSF Educational Technology Services as a Technology and Innovation Specialist. I use Ricoh/Pentax cameras for exceptional image quality with rich colors and deep contrast.

My passion for technology, through advancing ease of use, incorporating best practices, allows for dramatic images in a refined process from shooting to editing. I have been creating and working with audio visual technology since I was a kid. From video production to designing, building, and operating a public access television station, I have held many roles in many types of projects.

I firmly believe that giving back is a responsibility we all have as human beings on this planet. Working at UCSF I support educators and medical practitioners in a wide range of technology and services.

I have taken photos of over 450 bands, covered over 20 music festivals, and worked on 30 plus independent films. I have contributed to outlets such as Alternative Press, and Grateful Along with music I shoot weddings, family and newborn portraits as well as events for company parties and charity fundraisers.

My motto: Lead with love, work harder, and get it done. Never forget, we are all in this together. 



Best Live Television Broadcast Direction 2003

Leadership Certificate Program UCSF 2012

Achievement in Video Conferencing Specialist, 2015